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    i have childhood memories that i am not 100% sure actually happened or if i dreamed them i really do not know


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  • Thought I’d see how mych 5 Seconds Of Summer tickets are and then She Looks So Perfect started playing! Holla! :D

  • Holy fucking shit, I’m seeing Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil next year!!!! Ahhhh!!! :D

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    wtf is happening here

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    Peter König - professional pow diver | Isen7 x KLDSCP

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    A Day To Remember

    I don’t care what you say, this is the greatest thing a go pro has ever filmed.

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  • You Me At Six Make NFL Offer To Play Super Bowl Halftime Show


    You Me At Six are the first band turning NFL’s supposed desire to have artists Pay To Play the Super Bowl halftime show into a somewhat equally cheap marketing gimmick. Read an offer to the band about how they will spend millions of dollars to play the biggest gig in the world below after the jump.

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  • I actually found £7.31 in my wallet today that I totally forgot about, it felt awesome! :D

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    i honestly can’t even hear the words “tri-state area” without thinking of phineas & ferb

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  • Looks like The Art Of Flight was only only recently added to Netflix UK I think, well I Googled and yeah :) Can’t wait to finally watch it! :D and I think I found another 3 or 4 other snowboard/ski movies which are now in my list :D

  • Kinda confused because I thought I had checked Netflix for this but I couldn’t find it and looking through suggestions for more snowboard/ski films I find it so either so maybe I didn’t check at all or just not very well or they recently added it haha :) oh well I’m really happy about this because I’ve been really wanting to watch it! :D

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    Romanticized vs. Realistic

    as a member of Scotland I can confirm

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    Yes, it does.

    Guys get morning wood because our bladders fill up during the night and begin to press against our prostate, causing arousal. Our dicks don’t just feel the sun coming up and think “My time has come”

    I’m dying

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